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Working From Home


No obligation, completely free 10 minute chat with one of our senior physiotherapists. We can't provide a full treatment plan with this time, but we can provide you with advice on the best next  steps to manage your issue - be it with us or someone else, we don't mind!

We know that Telehealth is still a bit of a new concept to many. One of the main questions we get asked is "how do I know if Telehealth is right for me and my injury?". So to help give some guidance, we have introduced a free physio session via Telehealth. You can book in to talk to about pelvic floor physio, oncology physio or regular physio services. All completely free and with no obligation to rebook with us. So you can ask a physio for some guidance for free.

It's a good way to trial online physio without having to make the commitment of booking a full appointment. Most people are surprised as just how easy and effective Telehealth or online physio really is - even for the most technology-averse among us!

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