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Stretching Exercise

Kids (paediatric) physio
face to face

Available from Feb 2024

Book an appointment at the beautiful space at Middle Island Medical Clinic a time that suits you.

Initial appointment


45 minutes

Review appointment


30 minutes

Did you know that a similar number of children experience persistent pain as adults? And that early intervention for a child experiencing gross motor delay yields the best therapeutic results?

Children of all ages can benefit from seeing a pediatric physiotherapist, especially those facing developmental delays, motor skill challenges, orthopedic issues, or neurological conditions like cerebral palsy. If a child experiences difficulties with movement, coordination, or is recovering from an injury, a pediatric physiotherapist can provide tailored exercises and interventions to enhance their physical abilities. Additionally, children with conditions affecting muscles, bones, or the nervous system can benefit from specialised care to manage symptoms and improve overall function. Whether addressing pain, promoting independence, or supporting rehabilitation, a pediatric physiotherapist plays a crucial role in fostering a child's optimal physical development and well-being.

We offer paediatric physiotherapy because kids aren't just small adults, they're built differently and benefit most from working with skilled professionals who are trained in these important differences.

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