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Outdoors Yoga Class

vestibular physio
face to face

Available from Feb 2024

Book an appointment at the beautiful space at Middle Island Medical Clinic a time that suits you.

Initial appointment


45 minutes

Review appointment


30 minutes

The vestibular system is like the body's internal balance system. It's responsible for helping you stay upright and oriented in your environment. Think of it as your body's internal gyroscope.

This system is mainly located in the inner ear and involves tiny structures filled with fluid. When you move your head, this fluid moves, sending signals to your brain about your head's position and movement. This information is crucial for maintaining your balance, coordinating your movements, and understanding your spatial orientation.

The vestibular system works closely with your vision and proprioception (sensory information from muscles and joints) to keep you steady on your feet. When everything is working well, you don't even notice it – you just move smoothly and feel stable. However, if there are issues with the vestibular system, it can lead to problems like dizziness, vertigo, or difficulties with balance. Vestibular physiotherapists help address these issues and work to get your internal balance system back in sync.

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